Noraini Farm House Sdn. Bhd

Noraini Farm House Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in December 2006. The company is formed in order to develop Malaysia's agricultural sector as well as adding more varieties to Malaysia's agricultural products.

Thus, Noraini's Farm House Sdn. Bhd. is incorporated to produce products based on spices and herbs. Varieties of laksa premix and other spices are produced to add more varieties to the existing spices in the market. Noraini's Laksa Paradise is a premix that offer varieties of noodles and laksa spice from different states of Malaysia.

The development of Noraini Farm House Sdn. Bhd. begins with a piece of land in Selangor, that was planted with varieties of plants which then will be dried and processed into spice powder. Currently, selected raw materials in the form of powder are obtained from suppliers which then will be mixed according to secret recipe of Noraini's family.

Our dream is to make Noraini Farm House Sdn. Bhd. an excellent company with dedicated management and ISO certified factory. Most of the raw materials such as lemongrass, galingales, wild ginger buds, dried polygonums, curry leaves and chillies are planted in Noraini Farm House Sdn. Bhd. plantation.

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